Symp.tom was a Dutch recordlabel that was founded in 2004 as a subdivision of Neophyte Records, meant as an outlet for releasing the divergent material of Mental Wreckage and Mute. Originally it was intended to revive Mid-Town’s “Darkside” label for this purpose, but after giving it some careful thought it seemed better to create a whole new label for better distinction.

Symp.tom’s releases were mostly focused towards dark and industrial orientated hardcore techno, while also giving its artists enough freedom to work on experimental projects from time to time. Throughout the years Symp.tom gained lots of attention and respect from the darker parts of the hardcorescene. One of the label’s peaks was that it was given the opportunity to host its very own “Industrial hardcore area” at the well-known “Nightmare Outdoor” event in 2009, featuring a strong and suited line-up of artists. Also worth mentioning are Symp.tom’s own editions of the Nightmare Outdoor CD compilations, widening the variety with darker material.

Main producers of Symp.tom were Mental Wreckage & “Mute.” (who both were also its founders) and The Relic, accompanied by occasional guestreleases from artists like MoleculezThe Outside Agency and Sei2ure. In 2011, Symp.tom came to an unexpected end when its mother label Mid-Town Records went bankrupt. Most of Symp.tom’s artists decided to move on to Dark Descent, which is run by The Relic.