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New Kapotcast Mixes

No major updates – Just a reminder that we have re-started our Kapotcast mix series during last summer (2023), and we still have many more episodes coming up! So far, 6 new mix episodes have been released online. Joining our ranks in the future will be names such as Fiend,[…]

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Website Update 2022

We (well, I) made a few updates & tweaks on the website during the last few weeks! * Added a new section for all of our extended artworks. Back when we just started with the label, we made full artworks for each vinyl release, of which we used only a[…]

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Symp.tom 15: Digital Release

Did you know that The Relic‘s last Symp.tom release, “The Fallen” (SMPT015), is finally available in digital format since a few months? Due to something going wrong during Cloud 9 Music’s takeover of Mid-Town’s label catalog in 2011, only the rights of Symp.tom 1 – 14 were acquired. All these[…]

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Searching for Others of My Kind Remixes

Time to revisit some classic industrial hardcore from 2005: The remastered Mute. original still sounds topical, with its glitches and noisy spikes, the tongue-in-cheek sample and the slow and distorted kicks. A perfect template for remixing: The Hidden Rooms remix is hyped, upfront techno, Cubic Nomad adds a bang and[…]

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Symp.tom presents: Kapotcast

Symp.tom (formerly a subdivision of Neophyte Records) presents its own series of podcasts: Kapotcast! Mixed by Symp.tom’s crew & carefully selected guest artists, each edition will showcase the artist’s personal definition of ‘dark & underground‘ in the form of a filthy and powerfully crafted mix. As you probably know by[…]

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