Moleculez has always been interested in the dark, depressive and even melancholic side of music. This led him to produce doomcore, dark hardcore, industrial and noise influenced hardcore with a lot of harsh sounds and deadly beats.

His first release on vinyl was on KS Records in 2001 where he showed how industrial influences and dance floor orientation could be combined! Soon after this release he started his own imprint called Devil’s Brood. This label should picture Moleculez’ vision of raw sounds and devastating kicks combined dark atmosphere.

In 2002 Moleculez started the Doomcore label AudioVoid together with Sean Cooper (Dr. Strange / Freeze / Unit 731) and Johan Bjork (X-Core). On this label they only release records of their own dim music.

Later on Moleculez released many records on labels like The Third Movement, Meta4 and Industrial Strength. Due to his popular releases many promoters started to book Moleculez’ live act for their parties. Until now he performed all over Europe and the USA.