In 2004 Sei2ure signed with Enzyme Records, and his first track “Pneumatic Transmission” appeared on K7-5 shortly after. After a few single tracks on various records, Sei2ure’s first EP “Illusion of Safety” was released in 2007, following up with “Rocket Fuel” in 2008. In 2009, Sei2ure left Enzyme Records. Since then he made guest appearances on Industrial Strength Records, Symp.tom, Dark Descent, The Third Movement, Footworxx, to name a few.

Sei2ure’s music is raw, mechanical and industrial, usually void of any melody or harmony. The tracks are composed of sounds and rhythms, compelling patterns which can repeat themselves or turn into utter chaos. Once in a while computers are dragged on stage for a liveset with friend and colleague DJ Synapse. Cool gigs were, amongst others: Defqon. 1, Project Hardcore and Thunderdome.

Besides hardcore, Sei2ure also creates art installations and has been working as a cook for some years. In 2005 Sei2ure finished his BA in Music Composition and Production at the HKU in The Netherlands.