Symp.tom 15: Digital Release

Did you know that The Relic‘s last Symp.tom release, “The Fallen” (SMPT015), is finally available in digital format since a few months? Due to something going wrong during Cloud 9 Music’s takeover of Mid-Town’s label catalog in 2011, only the rights of Symp.tom 1 – 14 were acquired. All these[…]

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Searching for Others of My Kind Remixes

Time to revisit some classic industrial hardcore from 2005: The remastered Mute. original still sounds topical, with its glitches and noisy spikes, the tongue-in-cheek sample and the slow and distorted kicks. A perfect template for remixing: The Hidden Rooms remix is hyped, upfront techno, Cubic Nomad adds a bang and[…]

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White Darkness Remixes

DD16094 The Relic – White Darkness Remixes (Revisited: Symp.tom) History researched and reappraised part 2: After Mental Wreckage it’s Dark Descent main man The Relic himself who is being checked out, or rather his infectious 2008 tune “White Darkness” with the instant vocal hook, included here for consideration in a[…]

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Lawaai Remixes

DD16088 Mental Wreckage – Lawaai Remixes (Revisited: Symp.tom) Industrial hardcore will never die – Dark Descent revisits its own roots with this look back at a track that appeared on a 12“ in 2005 on Symp.tom – which could arguably called the Dark Descent predecessor. „Lawaai“ (i.e. „Noise“) is a[…]

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Symp.tom 15: The Fallen

The Symp.tom imprint delivers a brutal 5-tracker by industrial hero The Relic! This new release already is very well received in industrial hardcore land. Ragin’ kickdrums, dark sounds, and phat effects make this 12″ another powerful release for the underground! If you can’t control it, it doesn’t exist! A1. Memory[…]

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