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Symp.tom Area at Nightmare Outdoor!

The “industrial hardcore” label Symp.tom, founded back in 2004, represents a dark and alternative side of hardcore. Over the past 5 years the label has brought us various slamming releases by its main artists Mental Wreckage, Mute. and The Relic.

Well- respected artists such as Moleculez, The Outside Agency and Mindustries have also made a guest appearance on either a vinyl release or the Symp.toms CD series. The last edition (volume 4) of this successful series was released in December of last year and got raving reviews throughout the entire scene.

This year Nightmare Outdoor will have a separate Industrial area for the first time (previous edition combined industrial and terror) and so it was an obvious choice to let Symp.tom host this area. Main producers of the label – The Relic and Mental Wreckage – will show their very best skills in 2 separate DJ sets and will join forces together to perform under their Dual Mechanism guise. Joining them are a selection of top artist that closely represent and complement the sound of the label. Altogether they will provide the ingredients for a thrilling day at the Industrial area at the Luttenbergerweg in Hellendoorn.

Check the entire line-up for the area below.

Project 9
Peaky Pounder
Synapse & Sei2ure (Live)
The Relic
Moleculez (Live)
Mental Wreckage
N-Vitral (Live)
Dual Mechanism
The Outside Agency

If you want to know more about Nightmare Outdoor or the label Symp.tom, check or Mid-Town hopes to see you at the industrial area at Nightmare Outdoor on the 16th of May 2009!