News & Updates

Website Update 2022

We (well, I) made a few updates & tweaks on the website during the last few weeks!

* Added a new section for all of our extended artworks. Back when we just started with the label, we made full artworks for each vinyl release, of which we used only a fragment on the actual record sleeve (in the shape of the logo on the front). We had this idea to ‘release’ the artworks in their full forms later, as some physical product. We toyed with a few cool ideas, but before we could put these ideas to use, the label unfortunately became defunkt. In this new section, you can now view the full artworks per release, and compare it with the fragments that we used.

* We finally have a dedicated section for the Kapotcast mixes. At the time of release I wasn’t sure what to do with it yet, so I directly linked to the podcasts on Soundcloud. Now all the podcast episodes have their own pages, with additional info.

* All the podcast episodes now have individual artworks too. I was really stuck with those at the time, and I couldn’t come up with a design that did them justice. Better late than never, right? 🙂

(And yes, there will be more Kapotcasts in the future.. more about that later!)

* Made the “About” & “Contact” sections a bit more up to date.

* The Artist profiles are updated too, and I’ve added more relevant info to them.

* All the Discography items have more extensive info now…. and as a bonus, I managed to find a few physical copies left of most of the Vinyl & CD releases. I’ve added direct links to the items of the internet shops who sell these.

* Our Discography can also be viewed per release type now.

* Created a Linktree, containing all useful & relevant web links in one place.

* Added Social icons & links at the bottom.

* Some cosmetic tweaks and improvements to the website’s design.