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Symp.tom Area at Nightmare Outdoor!

The “industrial hardcore” label Symp.tom, founded back in 2004, represents a dark and alternative side of hardcore. Over the past 5 years the label has brought us various slamming releases by its main artists Mental Wreckage, Mute. and The Relic. Well- respected artists such as Moleculez, The Outside Agency and[…]

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Symp.toms Vol. 4: Life Below 20Hz

As the dark days of Christmas draw ever closer and the beginning of a new year becomes imminent, Symp.tom decided it wanted to end 2008 with a bang. So without further ado we present the next chapter of the well-known series: Symp.toms Vol.4: Life Below 20Hz. Where the previous 2[…]

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SMPT011.1 Bonus & Free Download

SMPT011.1 Mute. – A Single Chunk of Preliminary Drama and the Truth about Pop Music Along with SMPT011 comes a surprising and free extra in the form of SMPT011.1. This release, going by the name of “A Single Chunk of Preliminary Drama and the Truth about Pop Music” starts of[…]

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Symp.tom 11: The Sense of Utter Desolation…

Just before the end of the year Mute. finally returns on the mighty Symp.tom imprint after a very long absence. Luckily, all that lost time wasn’t in vein as he delivers a stunning release in his own unique style. Once again, don’t let the artist name mislead you, because these[…]

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“Mute.” Interview @ Ben Harder Show

Last Saturday November 29th, our very own “Mute.” had a special appearance at the dutch radioshow Ben Harder Show. He did an in-depth interview, and they played some tracks from Mute.’s upcoming release on Symp.tom 11. In case you missed it, no worries. You can listen to the episode on[…]

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