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Symp.tom 12: Return to the Point of No Return

It is with the utmost pride that Symp.tom presents the 12th release in its catalogue by none other than… The Outside Agency! Know for their innovative sounds and high quality releases on countless labels and of course their own highly respected Genosha Recordings. For Symp.tom 12, the keyword for them[…]

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Symp.tom Area at Nightmare Outdoor!

The “industrial hardcore” label Symp.tom, founded back in 2004, represents a dark and alternative side of hardcore. Over the past 5 years the label has brought us various slamming releases by its main artists Mental Wreckage, Mute. and The Relic. Well- respected artists such as Moleculez, The Outside Agency and[…]

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Symp.toms Vol. 4: Life Below 20Hz

As the dark days of Christmas draw ever closer and the beginning of a new year becomes imminent, Symp.tom decided it wanted to end 2008 with a bang. So without further ado we present the next chapter of the well-known series: Symp.toms Vol.4: Life Below 20Hz. Where the previous 2[…]

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SMPT011.1 Bonus & Free Download

SMPT011.1 Mute. – A Single Chunk of Preliminary Drama and the Truth about Pop Music Along with SMPT011 comes a surprising and free extra in the form of SMPT011.1. This release, going by the name of “A Single Chunk of Preliminary Drama and the Truth about Pop Music” starts of[…]

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Symp.tom 11: The Sense of Utter Desolation…

Just before the end of the year Mute. finally returns on the mighty Symp.tom imprint after a very long absence. Luckily, all that lost time wasn’t in vein as he delivers a stunning release in his own unique style. Once again, don’t let the artist name mislead you, because these[…]

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