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Conveyed in Wordless Detail

Symp.tom 4 is ready! The second release of Mute. Featuring 4 raw tracks full of distorted beats and glitches. Now exclusively available at Mid-Town. Previews available at the release-page.

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Symp.toms Vol. 1

With the extremely successful event A Nightmare Outdoor still in the back of our heads, Neophyte Records’ sister label Symp.tom unleashes its first compilation album ‘A Nightmare Outdoor – Symp.toms Vol. 1‘. This compilation has been compiled by Mental Wreckage & Mute., two of the main artists of the Symp.tom[…]

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Symp.tom 3 is now exclusively available in the Mid-Town shop! This is the 2nd release of newcomer Mental Wreckage, which has the title “Real” (for audio-previews check the releasepage). Funny detail is that the tracktitles’ first letters also form “Real”. Furthermore, Mute. is also working on his 2nd release… more[…]

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Symp.tom 2 is in the stores

We welcome our newest member; Mute.! On the second release of Symp.tom this artist delivers 4 smashing mechanical tracks, with a techno/noise-influenced aftertouch. Now available at all vinyl stores and the Mid-Town Online Shop.

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Neophyte Records starts new sublabel

Neophyte Records, one of the best known and globally well respected hardcore labels around, proudly presents her sub label Symp.tom. This new label is especially developed for releasing quality tracks in a wide range of hardcore, varying from and influenced by different styles such as industrial hardcore, darkcore, breakcore, techno[…]

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