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Symp.tom 10: Evolve or Die

After having only participated in other projects for the last 3 years, Mental Wreckage is finally back for a new solo-release. Symp.tom 10, called “Evolve Or Die“, takes on a different direction compared to MW’s previous releases… hence the title. This will also be the first Symp.tom release with a brand new cover-design. Salvation[…]

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Symp.tom 9: Angel’s Share

The Relic is back to deliver his second solo release on the Symp.tom imprint. Included in this package are: 1 intro. 1 combination of some pretty sick kicks and an eerie atmosphere. 1 harsh collaboration with Mental Wreckage. 1 revisit of The Relic’s typical “FIX Records” style. 1 pounding track[…]

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Symp.tom 8: Poison for the Masses

Symp.tom #8 just came from the pressing plant! Time to welcome another new name on the label; the German-based doomcore producer Moleculez, who is already known for his many releases on labels like The Third Movement, Industrial Strength, Meta4, Deathchant, Epileptik, Nordcore and Neurotoxic… just to name a few of[…]

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Dual Mechanism at Darkness 4 Life!

Dual Mechanism is proud to have its first booking at¬†Darkness 4 Life, which will take place on the 31st of May 2008 in Maassilo, Rotterdam. Even though Dual Mechanism is a relatively new name in the scene, its 2 members Mental Wreckage & The Relic already had a lot of[…]

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Element: Dysprosium

Symp.tom presents: Number 007! Mental Wreckage is back, and this time he joins forces with The Relic to form a new project that goes under the guise of Dual Mechanism. This joint venture stands for raw, f**ked-up and mechanical beats with a slight touch of techno and noise… shaken, not[…]

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