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Inside the Machine

After one solid track and a remix on the previous sampler release, The Relic has returned to do his first solo-project on Symp.tom 6. Five smashing underground tracks with wicked sounds and a massive drive make The Relic more than welcome as additional main producer on the Symp.tom label! This[…]

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The Space between Zero and One

Laying low for some months, the Symp.tom label returns with this # 005 presenting a mean 4-track artist sampler. Besides Symp.tom’s main artists Mute. and Mental Wreckage, two new artists were signed to add to the Symp.tom artist roster. [c.ORP] and The Relic delivered two high standard industrial productions of[…]

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A Nightmare Outdoor: Symp.toms Vol. 2

Due to the popularity of the notorious industrial/terror-tunnel during last years edition of A Nightmare Outdoor, this area returned to Recreatieoord Binnenmaas bombarding the crowd with only the meanest, darkest and toughest industrial and terror. And just as all other Nightmare areas, this tunnel has totally been audio-captured during the[…]

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Conveyed in Wordless Detail

Symp.tom 4 is ready! The second release of Mute. Featuring 4 raw tracks full of distorted beats and glitches. Now exclusively available at Mid-Town. Previews available at the release-page.

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Symp.toms Vol. 1

With the extremely successful event A Nightmare Outdoor still in the back of our heads, Neophyte Records’ sister label Symp.tom unleashes its first compilation album ‘A Nightmare Outdoor – Symp.toms Vol. 1‘. This compilation has been compiled by Mental Wreckage & Mute., two of the main artists of the Symp.tom[…]

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