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A Nightmare Outdoor: Symp.toms Vol. 2

Due to the popularity of the notorious industrial/terror-tunnel during last years edition of A Nightmare Outdoor, this area returned to Recreatieoord Binnenmaas bombarding the crowd with only the meanest, darkest and toughest industrial and terror. And just as all other Nightmare areas, this tunnel has totally been audio-captured during the event to make a selection of the best DJ sets for placement on a CD compilation.

A Nightmare Outdoor – Symp.toms Vol. 2 contains the two very best DJ sets as played in this area. After a careful selection, DJ sets by The Outside Agency and the French master of industrial Tieum were picked, edited and placed on one blazing silver disc, containing 31 dark and ferocious industrial tracks by a.o. The Outside Agency, Enzyme X, Hellfish, Lenny Dee, Ophidian, E-Noid, Tieum, Promo and Unexist. Essential material if you like it mean & dark!