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Symp.tom 12: Return to the Point of No Return

It is with the utmost pride that Symp.tom presents the 12th release in its catalogue by none other than… The Outside Agency! Know for their innovative sounds and high quality releases on countless labels and of course their own highly respected Genosha Recordings.

For Symp.tom 12, the keyword for them was simple and clear: different… The outcome are 3 massive tracks that sound somewhat divergent from their usual work but still have that undeniably magical TOA touch to it.

Return to the Point of No Return” starts off with “Suffocate“. Slamming kicks and cunningly edited choirs form the base for a very catchy and bouncy track, which has already been demolishing many dance floors over the last few months. Followed by a very unique track going by the name of “Sixth Beings” (premiered on the recently released Symp.toms Vol. 4 compilation). A dark and mysterious atmosphere and puzzling rhythm result in something completely out of the ordinary. And then there is the B-side. Featuring The Machinery of Death, which consist out of 3 chapters merged together in an overwhelming 10 minute journey across the borders of sound… each part corresponding with 3 main themes; hardcore, drum & bass and acid! An exquisite taste of genre blending and one that will surely leave its marks.

Be sure to check this one out and remember… All we are is dust in the wind, dude.

Available at Mid-Town!