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Symp.tom 14: Noise Pollution

Symp.tom welcomes another new name on the imprint; this time it’s nobody other than Sei2ure who strengthens our ranks!

Known for his very raw distortion-packed style; Sei2ure aka Jan Kamphuis already gained a lot of fame at Enzyme Records with smashing tracks like Pneumatic Transmission, Zinc, Armorgeddon and Rocket Fuel to only name a handful. We always felt that Sei2ure would suit perfectly on the Symp.tom label and therefore we’re very happy to have him unleash his newest EP “Noise Pollution“!

This excellent 4-tracker kicks off with “Assault“, a heavy and catchy track which already had a lot of DJ-support throughout the year. “Love from Hell” is the second track, its solid kicks and drive reminds us a bit of Rocket Fuel. Get ready to hear this one a lot in the upcoming festival season! On the flipside we have “Hunting for Bounty“; solid, heavy, thick, no deeper meanings… just designed to blow you away! This EP concludes with “Mutations“, which is a bit more low-tempo and relaxing. No, it’s not a track for large halls, but we don’t care… just enjoy it! 😉

A1. Assault
A2. Love from Hell
B1. Hunting for Bounty
B2. Mutations

Available at Mid-Town Records!