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Symp.tom 8: Poison for the Masses

Symp.tom #8 just came from the pressing plant!
Time to welcome another new name on the label; the German-based doomcore producer Moleculez, who is already known for his many releases on labels like The Third Movement, Industrial Strength, Meta4, Deathchant, Epileptik, Nordcore and Neurotoxic… just to name a few of ’em.

Moleculez presents an excellent 5-tracker with a pitch dark feeling, including two collaborations with Symp.tom’s own residents Mental Wreckage and The Relic.

DJ Support: The DJ Producer, Simon Underground, Bryan Fury, Stormtrooper, Manu Le Malin.

A1. Flatline
A2. Particle Cannon (Symp.tom Edit by Mental Wreckage)
A3. Consumed By Corpses (feat. Mental Wreckage)
B1. Monucular (feat. The Relic)
B2. Black Reconnaissance

Available at Mid-Town Records.