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White Darkness Remixes

The Relic – White Darkness Remixes (Revisited: Symp.tom)

History researched and reappraised part 2: After Mental Wreckage it’s Dark Descent main man The Relic himself who is being checked out, or rather his infectious 2008 tune “White Darkness” with the instant vocal hook, included here for consideration in a shiny remastered version.

Up for the makeover are Synaptic Memories with an industrial techno version heading straight for the dance floor, Sacerdos Vigilia with a fierce, crunchy midtempo banger of a remix and The Relic itself with faster beats and a subversive melodic undercurrent to please the hardcore massive. The most daring effort comes from Symp.tom veteran Mute., who laid out a 13+ minutes epic, kicking off with misleading muffled beats before plunging into a gritty, urban dubscape with Burial-esque ethereal vocals and atmospheres. The perfect opener for a heartfelt high-class remix package – “It’s that pulse which never truly left the stage!”

Buy it now on the Dark Descent Bandcamp page.